Daily Topic for June 18, 2006

Ephesians 5:15-18
Be very careful, then, how you live...making the most of every opportunity...understand what the Lord's will is...be filled with the Spirit.

The Spirit-controlled life is characterized by an appreciation for both the enormity of the task of world evangelization and the sufficiency of the resources available to accomplish the task. Christ commands us to “live on purpose,” not to haphazardly slip and slide through life in ignorance or neglect of the purposes for which we have been redeemed and equipped.

Pray that God will enable you to live a purposeful and significant life. Ask Him to teach you how to intercede for the unreached so that you can be part of the task of declaring His Name to the peoples of the earth.

Jewish People of Papua New Guinea (PNG)

A genetic scientist startled his colleague with this statement: “I have been contacted by a member of the Gogodala people in Papua New Guinea who claims his tribal members are genetically Jews. He has asked me to do DNA testing to find out if this is true. I have decided to go.” His colleague abruptly took off his glasses and asked, “Where did the idea that they were Jewish come from?” He replied, “There have been records of Europeans commenting on the ‘Jewish’ appearance of various Papuans. Australian missionaries successfully converted the Gogodala people to Christianity decades ago. These missionaries remarked about the ‘Jewish’ appearance of the Gogodala people and the similarity of the Gogodala language to Hebrew. Without further study we really cannot know for sure. It will be an interesting study.”

There is a generous estimate of 800 Jews in Papua New Guinea where the overall population is over 5 million. There are no known established synagogues or Jewish schools in this country. Most Jews that are in areas like this are involved in business and finances.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will bring believers to Jews who are living in Papua New Guinea. Pray that the Christian Gogodalas may become missionaries to other tribes and to the Jewish people in PNG. Pray that God will let the Gogodalas know their true genetic background. Pray that missionaries will desire to tell the tribal peoples of this country how God worked through the Jews to reveal his glory.-PD

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