Daily Topic for June 13, 2006

Galatians 6:9
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Taking the gospel to a people who have never heard it is demanding-physically, mentally, emotionally and most of all spiritually. Yet the harvest comes only after months and years of sowing seed. Satan’s major weapons-discouragement, division, disease and delay-are often aimed at those who labor on the front lines of the advance of the gospel. The apostle Paul needed the prayers of the saints. How much more do the frontier missionaries of today!

Pray for those missionaries you know who are taking the gospel to those who have never heard. Pray that they will not “become weary in doing good.”

Han Chinese in Mariana Islands

As the joke goes, “God must love the Chinese very much or He wouldn’t have made so many of them.” Not only are there more than a billion Han Chinese in the world, but they are spread out all over the globe.

The Chinese diaspora is noted for its involvement with businesses, be they small or large. But in the Northern Mariana Islands, most of the Chinese work in the garment industry. Garment production is by far the most important industry with employment of 17,500 mostly Chinese workers and sizable shipments to the US under duty and quota exemptions. The garment industry recruits workers from East Asia because of the limited supply of local labor.

Though the Han Chinese groups are reached in most parts of the world, they remain without a church in this part of the Pacific region. They have maintained their traditional Chinese religion. Rather than leave their destinies in the hands of the Lord like many Han Chinese have done worldwide, they consult horoscopes and placate a pantheon of spirits in vain attempts to determine what courses of action to take. They are especially concerned about promoting harmony and enjoying good luck.

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Pray that they will put their trust in Jesus rather than in ancestral spirits. Pray that God will use businessmen who are walking with the Lord to show the Han Chinese migrants a better way.-KC

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