Daily Topic for June 10, 2006

Galatians 3:14
...in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus.

God’s covenant promise to Abraham was first that Abraham would be blessed, and then that he would be a blessing to “all the families of the earth.” This distribution of blessing has always been God’s intention. The Jewish nation often misunderstood God’s missionary purpose for them, mistaking His favor for favoritism. Israel sought to “hoard” instead of “herald” the blessing. Paul here emphasizes that God intends that ALL the families of the earth might experience the blessing promised to Abraham.

Lord, teach us to exercise faith like Abraham’s so that we might share Your blessings with all peoples.

Hindu Bengalis in Fiji

With 230 million people who speak Bengali, it is the world’s sixth largest language. As a general rule, the Hindu Bengalis live in India’s West Bengal State and the Muslim Bengalis live just to the east of West Bengal in Bangladesh. They can understand one another, though it helps to have the Bible in both Hindu and Muslim-friendly dialects.

About 17,000 Bengali speakers live in the Fijian Islands. Most of them still speak Bengali, though they have also adapted to the lifestyle, culture and language of their host country. But they remain Hindu or Muslim in this land so far away from their South Asian roots.

How did Bengalis wind up in Fiji? They were among several foreign ethnic groups to sign on as indentured workers between 1879 and 1916. Even today many native Fijians resent the South Asian migrants, including the Bengalis. Though most of the Fijians are Christian, it will take a work of the Holy Spirit to get them to reach out to their Bengali neighbors.

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Pray for a lasting spiritual revival that will lead to Fijians sharing their Christian faith with the Bengalis. Pray that both Hindu and Muslim Bengalis will find Christ and give Him their full allegiance.-MC

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