Daily Topic for June 08, 2006

Galatians 1:15-16
God, who set me apart...and called me by His grace, was pleased to reveal his Son in me so that I might preach Him among the Gentiles.

Paul, of all Christ’s apostles, probably had the most intimate knowledge of the Old Testament. After his conversion he spent three years in Arabia, re-studying the Scriptures under the illumination of the Holy Spirit. As Paul came to understand the centrality of God’s promises through Abraham, he realized the priority of being a channel of blessing to “all the families of the earth.” This priority throughout his ministry resulted in the establishment of culturally appropriate, evangelizing churches among a score of Gentile people groups throughout the Mediterranean world.

Lord, open our eyes as well to the mission themes of Scripture, and use Your Word to lead us to new faith and obedience.

Muslim Urdu-speakers in Fiji

The Fiji Islands, east of Australia, appear on a map as tiny dots in a huge ocean. Yet on these dots live some of the least reached people groups of South Pacific islands.

Take for instance the Urdu-speaking people. Technically they are not a single ethnic or cultural group. They have come to the Fijian Islands from various countries. They all speak the Urdu language, a language based on Hindi. Urdu contains many Persian and Arabic words. These people have their roots in Pakistan or northern India.

Many ethnic groups typically send those who are business or finance-oriented from one stratum of society, but not the Urdu-speaking Fiji Islanders. These people are from segments of society that contain both the poor and money-lenders, skilled laborers and professionals, illiterate and educated people, as well as landlords and religious teachers. Even their forms of Islam are not uniform. Urdu-speakers include members of the Hanafite, Shafite and Ithna-Ashari sects, all of which have a different way of approaching Allah. Yes they are united as Muslims, and almost none of them would dare to put their faith in the blood of Christ.

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Pray that God will call Christian workers with various talents and abilities to take His glorious gospel to the Urdu speakers of the Fiji Islands.-MC

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