Daily Topic for June 18, 2007

Ephesians 5:15-18
"Be very careful, then, how you live...making the most of every opportunity... understand what the Lord's will is...be filled with the Spirit."

The Spirit-controlled life is characterized by an appreciation for both the enormity of the task of world evangelization and the sufficiency of the resources available to accomplish the task. Christ commands us to “live on purpose,” not to haphazardly slip and slide through life in ignorance or neglect of the purposes for which we have been redeemed and equipped.

Pray that God will enable you to live a purposeful and significant life. Ask Him to teach you how to intercede for the unreached so that you can be part of the task of declaring His Name to the peoples of the earth.

-Madurese people

Madura, one of Indonesia’s 1,300 islands, is home to the Madurese people. About 4,000,000 Madurese live on the island, while about 9,000,000 have migrated to Java, a neighboring island. Other ethnic groups have blended in with Indonesian society, but the Madurese have maintained their own distinct culture.

Madurese tend to be short with dark-brown skin and curly hair. Some scornfully call them the “cowboys of Indonesia” because they typically herd cattle and they have a reputation for being easily offended, hot-tempered and violent.

While the majority are devout Sunni Muslim, the Madurese also believe in good and evil spirits, amulets, black and white magic, as well as ancestor worship. They are feared and shunned by other Indonesians, partly because of their use of black magic, and their custom of “carok,” which involves grabbing an enemy from behind and with a knife and slitting his throat or stomach.

The Bible and the JESUS Film have been translated into Madurese, and some Christian radio programs are broadcast in Madurese.

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Pray that the Lord will change hearts among the leaders and lead them to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and turn from darkness to light. Pray, in turn, for Christian Madurese in authority to lead their people to repent of their sins and embrace the Lord of Lords.-JWS

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