Daily Topic for November 24, 2017

John 16:8-11, NTE
When he comes, he will prove the world to be in the wrong on three counts: sin, justice, and judgment. In relation to sin – because they don’t believe in me. In relation to justice – because I’m going to the father, and you won’t see me any more. In relation to judgment – because the ruler of this world is judged.

Pray the Spirit leads the Wakhis to a true knowledge of God.

Wakhi People of Tajikistan

by DK

Can you imagine trying to live in a land so harsh, dry, and cold that trees do not grow? Would you be willing to drink fermented yak milk? The Wakhi people live in the high valleys and passes of the Pamir and Himalaya Mountains, mostly in Tajikistan. They must use animal dung and brush for their fires because wood is scarce in the high altitudes. Other Wakhis live in in the mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. The vast majority of the Wakhis live in poverty and without electricity or modern plumbing. They practice subsistence farming and raise livestock.
The men work on farming and the women tend to the animals. Unlike many Muslim cultures the men and women can work side by side. They weave their own clothing. Weaving cloth is a source of extra income. This harsh life has led some of the Wakhi to the habit of smoking opium.
They speak a distant dialect of Persian. As far as we know, all the Wakhis are Shi’ite Muslims. They also practice folk religion.

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Pray that the Wahkis would turn to the Lord for comfort. Pray the Lord would lead Christian medical, educational, and business workers to live among and befriend the Wakhis. Pray the portions of Scripture that have been translated into the Wakhi language would make it into the hands of the people. Pray for a spiritual breakthrough among the Wakhis.

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