Daily Topic for October 22, 2014

Proverbs 2:3-5, ESV

Insight and understanding are priceless! On a worldly level, the Arain people know this very well. Instead of putting their wealth into luxury goods, they have “invested” so to speak in education.

Pray that the Arain people will soon use their insight to seek and find the One who holds their future in His mighty hands. Pray for them to have a healthy fear of the Lord.

Muslim Arain People

by KC

Almost everyone knows that the most common blood type is O, and that cuts across almost all ethnic groups. Yet there is a Muslim people group in Pakistan that primarily has B as its blood type. This group is the Arain, and they probably got the type B blood running through their veins from Arab traders and missionaries.

Let me introduce you to the Arain people. Today they are one of the most prominent people groups in Pakistan. Most of them are involved with agriculture. They cultivate sugar cane, mangoes, wheat, and rice, and some are involved with the dairy industry.

They were favored by the British colonizers for their hard work and discipline. During the British colonial era, the Arain people began to collect productive lands near emerging towns and cities. They could either sell their crops or sell the land for a sizable profit. As they gained wealth, the Arains put their energy into getting higher education and political power.

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The Arains are dedicated Muslims who would not even consider turning their allegiance to any other religious system. Pray that many from the Arain people will forsake religious systems and embrace Jesus Christ in such a way that it will affect their daily way of life and culture. Pray for their hearts to yearn for Jesus, the giver of life.

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