Daily Topic for February 01, 2015

Daniel 1:19, NIV
The king talked with them, and he found none equal to Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah; so they entered the king's service.

Daniel and his friends served the Lord as trainees for civil service positions. They were among the first tentmakers working in positions of useful service among foreign nations, while also serving as representatives of the Most High God. Today, when many countries have closed their doors to career missionaries, God is using other job titles to place His chosen vessels in needy areas. People with skills in the oil industry, for example, can work in Muslim regions of Nigeria. Those with medical skills can live just about anywhere. The possibilities are endless!

Pray that our Heavenly Father will bless 21st century tentmakers who serve Him in nations around the world.

Missionary Biography, Adam McCall

by VA

Adam McCall, a non-believing Englishman and architect, spent seven years in Africa surveying African landscape and completing two years of civil service. He worked for the South African government. He returned to England in 1878 with the intention of going back to Africa to photograph the Zambezi Region. God had other ideas! Back in his hometown of Leicester, McCall turned his life over to Christ. With all his heart he prayed, “Show me what You want me to do. Your will be done!” McCall resolved to dedicate the rest of his life to spreading the gospel. Little did he know at that time how short his life would be.

McCall immediately contacted the Livingstone Inland Mission, an organization dedicated to sending missionaries into the vast Congo Valley. McCall spent the next 12 months juggling a crash course of medicine and theology. By 1880, he had gathered a missionary team that included four other men that he had met during his year of study. The men boarded a cargo ship and arrived in Africa at Banana, a town located at the mouth of the Congo River. From there, they footslogged 100 miles to Yellala Falls. Their plan was to build a supply base before departing to bushwhack through a 232-mile zone to Stanley Pool, an area where the Congo River widens and has an island. The missionaries intended to accomplish all this before the start of the rainy season!

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Pray for the Lord to direct zealous workers with His wisdom and power.

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