Daily Topic for December 22, 2014

Matthew 4:16, ESV

This month we are praying for people shrouded in darkness. But when Christ came to Earth, the light came for all to see! He came so that all the nations could go from darkness to light. That is something to celebrate this Christmas season!

Pray that the Nubians will see the light of Christ and give their hearts to the One who came with the truth.

Nubians in Sudan and Egypt

by TP

The Bible calls them Cushites; today they are called Nubians. This is a people who once controlled ancient Egypt. The name Nubia comes from the Nuba Mountains. Today they consist of seven non-Arab peoples between the Aswan High Dam in Egypt and Dongola in Sudan. In the 1960s, the dam flooded their lands and they were resettled. Since then, they have become increasingly Arabized in culture and language, while retaining much of their agricultural economy. However, today the men, not the women, work the fields. Women work at home, in schools, public service, etc. Some men are self-employed. Unlike most Arabs, the Nubians have a high literacy rate.

Although they once were Christians, the Nubians have been Muslims since the 1600s. However, they practice a folk Islam in which the spirit of the Nile River is important; this is like pre-Christian Egypt. Their world is a world of angels, religious leaders, and powerful beings associated with the Nile River. Ancestors are also important. (Animism may have colored their Christianity in the past, too). According to the Joshua Project, there are no known followers of Christ among the Nubians in Sudan and Egypt.

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Because Sudan is basically closed to missionaries, pray for creative access to them. Bible translations, radio and humanitarian aid workers are needed by the Nubians. Pray that African churches will adopt Nubians for evangelism and church planting efforts.

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