Daily Topic for September 02, 2014

I Timothy 2:4, RSV
Who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth.

Intercessors, look at the size of the job our Father has entrusted to believers! The Great Commission states that we are to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Not everyone can go overseas, but everyone can obey God by praying for the lost and unreached people groups. One day when we get to Heaven, we will see thousands of people groups surrounding His throne and many individuals for whom we are praying. We will discover how prayers for the Hindi speaking unreached peoples made a difference in their eternal destiny.

Be encouraged and thank Him for His willingness to involve you in His great plan for the nations.-RR

Missionary Biography, Continued

by AL

Prince Victor of Schonburg, a wealthy man, offered to give the Basel Mission a large sum of money if they would send three men to establish a school in India. Samuel Hebich, chosen as one of the three, was ordained in 1834, and in July he sailed for India. By 1836 the first school was begun in Mangalore with four pupils. Mr. Hebich went from house to house, begging parents to send their children to the school. But rumor spread that the missionaries would force the children to eat meat and convert to Christianity. So the schoolhouse was used as a church until some of the parents put their faith in the Lord.

Mr. Hebich organized the feeding and clothing of the poor and provided for the lepers. He also felt called to reach the Englishmen in the nearby military stations who were becoming demoralized in India. He was fearless in his witness, especially to the officers of the regiment. He would often “crash” their parties, kneel to pray, then rise to witness. At another time he determined to visit and preach in every street and bazaar in the town of Cannanore. Starting early in the morning, he spent a half hour in each place. He would pray, sing, and tell the gospel story; then he would move on. By this method, every inhabitant of that city eventually heard the gospel, and many were saved.

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Pray for boldness tempered by discernment for today’s workers in northern India.

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