Daily Topic for September 01, 2015

James 1:17, NLT
Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.

He never changes which is good since He is perfect! It is refreshing to read today about a little girl who understood His goodness so much she wanted Him to sit with her when she had her prayer time. Even at a very young age Amy Carmichael understood God’s goodness, but many never do. Most people view any spirit being as one to be dreaded.

Pray that the influential peoples of Karnataka will have faith that God is good, and He will mercifully shed His light into the darkness of their lives. Pray that many in Karnataka will want God to “sit with them” to share His wisdom, kindness, and love.—KC

Missionary Biography, Amy Carmichael

by KH

Seven-year-old Amy Carmichael managed to stuff her two little brothers through the skylight and onto the slate roof. They stood up triumphantly in the fresh, cool wind sweeping across the Irish Sea. Gleefully, three children slid down slates–until they gazed up and saw the astonished faces of their parents!
This little girl, Amy Carmichael, born in 1867, was the oldest of seven children. She found spiritual significance in almost everything. Alone in her nursery bed, she would often pray to her Heavenly Father to “come sit with me.” Feeling God’s presence gave her the security and faith to do all that He had for her. The One who planned her life had many daring and brave plans for her, as she learned to trust Him completely in 83 years of exploits.
Taught by her mother that God answers prayer, three-year-old Amy asked for the one thing she wanted most: blue eyes, like her mother’s. She raced to the mirror in day’s early light to see… brown eyes! She was crushed until she realized that “no” is also an answer to prayer. Her heavenly Father had planned far ahead for the day when Amy would stain her skin with coffee and dress as an Indian woman to enter the temples in search of enslaved children to rescue. Blue eyes would have given her away as a Westerner.

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Pray that God’s children will see themselves strong in Almighty God, able to do His will, and ready to obey Him whatever the cost.

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