Daily Topic for October 23, 2016

Luke 5:19, NIV
When they could not find a way to do this because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on his mat through the tiles into the middle of the crowd, right in front of Jesus.

The Chapparaband people might groan when they hear this verse. So much destruction to the tiles and other materials that made the roof solid! The people who did this were likely disruptive to the assembly, but they had faith that the one who said He is the “light of the world” could heal their friend. Pray for the Chapparaband people to have the kind of faith that will lead to audacious action.

Muslim Chapparaband People

by JS

The Muslim Chapparaband people in India are very few and very close-knit, marrying within their own communities. There are only about 3000 living in Karnataka state and 1900 in Maharashtra. One characteristic that sets them apart from their neighbors is the dress of the male children. Until the age of five, Chapparaband little boys wear only a shirt that does not cover their legs. At five, they are taken to a place where certain rites are performed, and the Chapparaband “infant” becomes a “child” and is given a new garment.
Their name means “constructor of roof.” Traditionally, they made roofs of rope and hatch made from Indian willow plants. With the advent of more modern roofs, their trade was no longer needed, leaving many in poverty.
Today the Muslim Chapparaband are not necessarily stigmatized by poverty. Many are well educated and have professional careers. Just as the rest of the world is quickly developing and embracing technology, so is India. Education and the opportunities it affords offer the Chapparaband people a way to improve their lives.
They speak Urdu, so there are multiple printed as well as video sources available in their language, telling them about the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Pray that these former roofers will look up to their Lord and Savior who loves them and died for them. Pray for rapidly spreading church movements among them.

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