Daily Topic for November 25, 2015

Ephesians 2:9, NLT
Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.

This is one of the key reasons why salvation should not be earned. If it were earned, it would be a source of pride to those who earned it. One of the key satanic strongholds in the Muslim world is pride. Driven by the false notion that they can earn their salvation, all kinds of negative things can arise.

Pray for the Muslims of Turkey to understand that salvation is a gift, not a reward to the righteous.—KC

Zaza-Dimli People in Turkey

by KH

(This story is intended to illustrate the beliefs of this people group.)
Selkuk and Songul had always been good friends, growing up in Turkey among their own refugee people, the Zaza-Dimli who were originally from Iran. Their ancestors were the Assyrians, who were warriors many thousands of years ago and were bent on conquering and consuming every people group within their reach. To this day there is lingering hostility towards them by the Turks because of what their ancestors did in this part of the world.
Selkuk asked, “The Kurds worship Allah differently than we do, and consider us heretics. How can one be a heretic who worships the same god as other Muslims? Why can’t people just accept us?” Songul replied, “I dreamt about a Man surrounded in a white light, and I immediately felt loved and accepted by Him. It was like a love I’ve never imagined. He told me to search for Him with all my heart, that He is the one true God. I wonder where we can find Him.”

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There is no translation of God’s Word in the language of the Zaza-Dimli people. Pray that oral and visual materials will soon be available to these story-oriented people. Pray that these dear people, young and old, will seek answers beyond their present knowledge and experience, and that their spiritual seeking will lead them to understand Christ’s love and provision for them.

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