Monthly Topic: God has never forgotten them!

by Ernest To

B only finished junior high school. It was almost impossible for her to translate the Bible, but she was eager to share the gospel with the elderly. She had no choice but to learn from the beginning. There were no written words in her dialect, so she had to create a written language for it. Having never used a computer before, she learned her tasks slowly. The whole process was so difficult that she almost gave up many times, but for the gospel’s sake, she had to keep on. B read the scriptures to the elderly as she was doing the translation work. She led many elders to believe in Christ. She prayed for the sick, cast out demons, just as Jesus did. Signs and miracles followed her. By 2015, she led 400 members of this unreached people to become baptized believers.
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by CR

Numbering 3200 people, the Apu have only been “discovered” by outsiders in recent years, and little is known about them. Like the Micha for whom we prayed yesterday, the Apu are a small, isolated...

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