Monthly Topic: Spiritual Freedom Coming to Formerly Soviet Central Asia!

by Keith Carey

The nomadic herdsmen had heard the sounds of hooves before, but not this many! This time it was a thunderous rumble. The cavalry of Islam was on its way, and life would never be the same. It was the 700s, less than 100 years after the death of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam. He started his movement in 622 and died in 632. By that time, his Arab-based, Islamic military force was unstoppable. Islamic armies that controlled the Arabian Peninsula were now moving west throughout North Africa and into Spain, but others were moving east into the Central Asian nations....
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by CMW

The Hazara Aimaqs are a subtribe of the Hazara people. They are a small population numbering 9,000 in Tajikistan. Their language is the Aimaq dialect of Persian. Previously a nomadic people living in...

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