Monthly Topic: Welcome to the forgotten land of Laos!

by Paul Hattaway, Asia Harvest

Laos is a land-locked country of about 6.75 million people. Surrounded by high, rugged mountains to the north, east and south, and by the mighty Mekong River along its western borders, it has managed to develop at a much slower pace than its neighbors. Today many Westerners still cannot locate Laos on a map of the world. In this age of instant information and the Internet, few places in the world remain as remote and unexplored as Laos. Information is also scarce about the culture, the customs, and the historical development of the Laotian people. There is almost no record of missionary activity in Laos, partly because the bulk of mission work took place in the narrow timeframe between 1954-1975. In 1975 when communism took over Laos, all foreigners were expelled from the country.
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by Allan Starling, GRN

The Tai Daeng people of Laos have been refugees from China for many years. They are scattered in several countries, including Laos, where they are also known as Red Tai because of the adjacent Red...

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