Monthly Topic: God At Work in the “Low Lands” of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

by Steve Ashworth, Youth With A Mission

Erasmus translated the Bible in a pure Latin style, and in 1516 he published the first translation in over 1000 years of the Latin New Testament--along with a parallel column of the original Greek to back it up. He outlined his vision for the new Bible in the preface: that every woman would read the Gospels and the Epistles of St. Paul, that every plowboy would sing the Scriptures, that the weavers would hum them, that the traveler would tell their stories and that the Word of God would be translated into every language--not only for the Scots and Irish, but also that the Turks and Saracens (Muslim Arabs) might read it.
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by CMW

Another Asian people group lives in Belgium and the Netherlands. Unlike the Japanese expats described yesterday, the Thais in these countries live on an entirely different socio-economic plane. These...

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